Red Hat Sing-A-Long Lyrics

The Red Hatter Sunshine Song

To the tune of You Are My Sunshine
Lyrics by Marilyn Unruh

The other night, dear, as I lay dreaming,
There stood a lady in purple gown,
On her silver hair she wore a red hat
And she went out to paint up the town.

And then I dreamed all her kids came calling,
They said, "Dear Mother, please act your age!"
But when she spoke up, she sent them packing
And then she climbed right back up on the stage.

The spotlight found her like a beam of sunshine,
That grand old lady in the purple gown,
And on her silver hair, that fancy red hat
Glowed just like a princess' crown.

And so I joined her, there in the spotlight,
And how we danced across the stage.
She taught me life is good, but it is too short,
To always act your age.

So now dear sunshine, my only sunshine,
Let's be happy when skies are gray.
One never knows, dear, about tomorrow
So let's throw all our drab duds away . . .













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